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Dam Square

Daily afternoon tour

13:30 (1:30pm)

Tour is tip based, but we have to charge € 1,55 entertainment tax per person before the tour

Leave the touristic Amsterdam behind and get a local’s perspective!

On the Free Alternative Tour in Amsterdam, we show you a different side of this great liberal city. Escape the crowds, as we swerve into the Jordaan and tell you how Amsterdam became the hippie capital of Europe. A story about free love, free bikes and free houses! Walk like a real Amsterdammer us as we explain, explore and lovingly make fun of Dutch history and counter-culture.

On this 2 hour tour we cover:

Bike culture 

Find out how hippie anti-car protest led to huge changes and how cycling became part of Dutch DNA. Learn how bikes were once free for everyone and how to make sure your bike doesn’t get stolen by a junkie -or worse… ends up in a canal.

Half-baked history

On the Free Alternative Tour you’ll discover how hippies fought for soft drug tolerance. We will tell you the in-depth story of Amsterdam’s magic mushrooms and coffeeshops that sell more than just coffee.


Since the 17th century the Jordaan has been Amsterdam’s true civilian neighborhood. Feel like a real Amsterdammer as we wander alongside its stunning canals, cute houseboats and cozy streets. Be careful: you might not want to leave this place!

Street art

Join this Free Alternative Tour if you want to discover the crazy 90’s origins of Amsterdam street art and get an insider’s advice of where to find the most amazing pieces!


With nearly 8 million tourists visiting Amsterdam every year, this city is turning into a rock ‘n roll version of Disneyland. At the Free Alternative Tour, we know where to escape the crowds and travel into the heart and soul of Amsterdam. We will explore houseboats, the Jordaan area, and places around the Red Light District only locals know about! We will give you the grand narrative of how Amsterdam became the city where you can be who you want to be. How the Dutch fought for all these things we now take for granted: gay rights, coffee shops, social awareness, sexual freedom, female equality, bike culture, and more!

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Our Guides


“The Stereotypical Dutchman”

People say I am the Dutchman all stereotypes are based on. This is great to hear, because “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.”  Based right in the center under the Red Lights next to all the squad houses, I can’t wait to share all the crazy stories this city has to offer you! As an experienced guide with a psychology degree, I can tell you quite a few insights about the Amsterdam mind! Let me warn you, my hometown can be dangerous. Not just because of unlucky encounters with kamikaze bicycles but also because it is filled with tourist traps. That’s why we at Free Walking Tours recommend: the Free Alternative Tour.  Let me show you how to survive and thrive in my city like a local.  Join the Ottoman empire and have a Dam good time!


“The Beast of Amsterdam”

Want to find out the result of 400 years Dutch incest? Choose me as your guide! In school the other kids made fun of me because I was so alternative, now tourist laugh with me in my Alternative tour. Since I studied history, I know there is a story behind every brick in Amsterdam. During the Free Alternative Tour I will do my best to show you the the small details that make this city so beautiful, you seriously could not pay me to leave (but please, try!)! Want to find out why I have the nickname “The Beast”? I might explain you how to party like an Amsterdammer! You want to feel like a local? Choose my tour! But I warn you, my dry Dutch humor is not for the faint of heart. What are you waiting for? Join my Free Alternative Tour today!


“The Amsterdam Smile”

When I was born, I instantly had a big smile on my face. Probably because I was born in the best city in the world: Amsterdam! I have been told this Amsterdam smile is contagious, as you will hopefully find out on my Alternative Amsterdam Tour. I love Amsterdam’s history, squatters, hippies, street art, food, bikes, and don’t get me started on those DAM conspiracy theories. At my work as a teacher, my students call me the rock ‘n roll statistics professor (yes I used those words in the same sentence), because I know how to make boring numbers fun. So making the history and culture of Amsterdam fun is a piece of ‘space cake’ for me. Are you ready for a piece of this cake called Jannes? Then join me and I will teach you how to get the hell out of the city center, as I will share all the off-the-beaten-track places where real Amsterdammers go!


“What customers say”

Due to COVID restrictions, we have no tours until further notice. Stay safe and we see you soon!

Tour is tip based, but we have to charge € 1,55 entertainment tax per person before the tour

NO TOURS till further notice

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