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National monument Dam square

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Join us and let’s walk out of the center into the Jordaan area

With the Free Alternative tour in Amsterdam, we show a different side of this great liberal city. As we walk into the Jordaan we escape the crowds and tell you how Amsterdam became the hippie capital of Europe. A story about free love, free bikes and free houses! Join us as we explain, explore and lovingly make fun of Dutch culture and counter-culture.

Our Guides


“The Stereotypical Dutchman”

People say I am the Dutchman where all the stereotypes are based on. Which is great because “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.” As a experienced guide with a psychology diploma I can tell you quite a few insights about the Amsterdam mind! I live right in the center next to all the squad houses and red lights, I can’t wait to share all the crazy stories this city has to offer with you! Let me warn you, my hometown can be dangerous. Not just because of unlucky encounters with kamikaze bicycles but also because it is filled with tourist traps. That’s why we from the Alternative tour recommend: the Alternative tour.  Let me show you how to survive and thrive in my city like a local.  Join the Ottoman empire and have a Dam good time!


“The  Dam Beast of Amsterdam”

Want to find out the result of 400 years Dutch incest? Choose me as your guide! In school the other kids made fun of me because I was so Alternative, now tourist laugh at me in my Alternative tour. Since I studied history I know there is a story behind every brick in Amsterdam. In my Free Alternative tour I will do my best to show you the the small details that make this city so beautiful, you seriously could not pay me to leave (But please, try!)! Want to find out why I have the nickname “The Beast”? I might explain to you how to party like an Amsterdammer! So want to feel like a local? Choose my tour! But I warn you, my Dutch humor is not for the faint of heart.


“The Amsterdam Smile”

When I was born I instantly had a big smile on my face, probably because I was born in the best city in the world: Amsterdam! I have been told this Amsterdam smile is contagious, as you will hopefully find out on my Alternative Amsterdam tour. I love Amsterdam’s history, squatters, hippies, street art, food, bikes, and don’t get me started on those DAM conspiracy theories. At my work as a teacher my students call me the Rock and Roll statistics professor (yes I used those words in the same sentence), because I know how to make boring numbers fun. So making the history and culture of Amsterdam fun is a piece of “space cake” for me. Are you ready for a piece of this cake called Jannes? Then join me and I will teach you how to get the hell out of the city center as I will share all the off the beaten track places where real Amsterdammers go!

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Private tour

On this 2 hour tour we cover

Bike culture 

Learn how Biking became part of Dutch DNA, how bikes were once free for everyone and how to make sure your bike does not get stolen by a junkie or worse… ends up in a canal.

Drug story

Discover how hippies fought for soft drug tolerance and get the in depth story of Amsterdam’s Magic Mushrooms and Coffee Shops that sell more than just coffee.


Let us wander past the most stunning canals, cute houseboats and cosy streets Amsterdam has to offer. Since the 17th century the Jordaan is Amsterdam’s real civilian neighborhood, be careful: you might not want to leave this place.

Street Art

Discover the crazy 90’s origins of Amsterdam street art and get the insider’s advice where to find the most amazing pieces!


With 7 millions tourist coming to this city Amsterdam is turning into a rock’n’roll version of Disneyland. Luckily for you we at the Alternative tour know how to escape the crowds and travel into the heart and soul of Amsterdam. We will explore houseboats, the Jordaan area and walk the alternative red light district where only the locals go! While we tell you the grand narrative of how Amsterdam became the city where you can be who you want to be.  How the Dutch fought for all these things we now take for granted: gay rights, coffeeshops, red lights, female equality, bike culture and more! Join us as we explain, explore and lovingly make fun of Dutch culture.

Hope to see you soon!


“What costumers say ”

Us 4 Brits joined Otto’s Alternative tour of Amsterdam on the 30th and we had such a blast! Otto is a really great guy – he’s got a great sense of humour, full of amazing Amsterdam knowledge and he takes the time to get to know everyone he’s showing around. He gave us so many tips for our Amsterdam stay so this was the perfect thing to do on our first day! Culture, quirks and highlights: Couldn’t recommend this more, not to be missed on your Amsterdam trip!


I can’t express how much fun I had in the Alternative tour that was given by Sem!
He’s hilarious and very friendly and I didn’t want the tour to end!
Sem gave the full and relevant info not just on the city but also in the Dutch culture, mentality and shared his recommendations on where to go for food and etc. Never felt so happy about having a walking tour!

Trang D
One word, excellent!
I did the Alternative Tour with my sister. Jannes was our guide. We loved it! Super kind and funny, with great stories to tell! I’ll definitely going to recommend to my friends. Thanks for a very entertaining afternoon Jannes 🙂

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Private tour